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Miss the old Mac rounded corners? Displaperture is for you

I have to admit, while I didn’t use to be a Mac user and spent a good deal of time criticizing it in the way a Windows user usually does, I always had a deep, hidden admiration for the UI. ‘Course, now I’m out of the closet (since getting a MacBook a year ago), so now I can admit things freely.

One thing that kind of disappointed me when I first booted OS X on my fresh new MacBook was the missing rounded corners. I don’t know why, but it gives the UI a slightly more polished and friendly touch. The square borders make it feel just that – square. So I was quite pleased to find Displaperture. Amusingly enough, it even lets you adjust just how far into your screen the border goes.

So, if you miss a bit of curve, check it out:



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